Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It's spring!
A welcome change in the weather.

We have a mourning dove nesting in an old clementine box on our fire escape. Alden is remarkably nonplussed, but Saoirse has asked to be lifted up to the window for a peek a few times since we discovered it. It would be nice to get a photo, but I don't want to frighten mama bird.

I am finally reading The Goldfinch. It is just as engrossing as I'd been warned and though the plot sounded irritating and preposterous when my mom first recommended I read it, I've fallen into the story such that occasionally I need to remember that it's fiction. 

I am tired. Tired in all varieties. Coffee isn't working its same old magic and I toy with the idea of freeing myself from caffeine. But really I'm banking on the return of the sun.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Year Letter to Saoirse

We had a little birthday dinner for you, our girl, a week and a half ago. One whole year of Saoirse.

Sushi, your first word was your beloved brother's name, Alden ("Ah-dah") and you first spoke it when you'd been around only five months. You've added some words since then, though only your family would recognize most of them. You are a lover of all things furry and big eyed, but you are particularly fond of dogs. Your language is clearest when you shout at "dah-GEES!"

Saoirse, you are a stuffed animal cuddler; you rock them, you hug them, you occasionally sing songs to them. The sweetness you display in your interactions with animals real and imaginary melts my heart. I think we will definitely need to get you a pet as soon as you are even close to ready.

Your favorite book is Doggies, by Sandra Boynton, followed closely by I Am a Bunny, the Ole Risom/Richard Scarry classic. You make the same noise for all animals, sort of halfway between a bark and a hoot. You also laugh like a villain, which you picked up from your big brother. 

Speaking of Alden, I think he's your favorite person. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you say is, "Ahdaa!" and, if he hasn't woken you, you look toward his room and shout again. This wakes him up and he comes bounding in, to your delight and then you have a snuggle. I have to admit that there were several months that I spent fretting over whether or not he was going to be a friendly brother to you, but once you started moving about, playing and making more word-like sounds, you won his heart. Your hugs and continual admiration probably also had something to do with it. You have a loyal companion in him and I am so grateful that you get along so well.

Peekaboo is still one of your favorite games, though we all now call it "Is." For you, everything is This, That, or, if it's uncertain or hidden, Is. You love to engage anyone around you, even strangers on the subway, though they tend to tire of the game and look away before you're finished playing, which confuses you. You lock eyes with me, one palm raised to the ceiling, as if to ask why the game ended so abruptly. It breaks my heart a little, though I definitely don't expect anyone to play Is for more than a minute. 

At your one year checkup, you weighed 23 pounds and were 31 and 3/4 inches long. You are a tall lady. You have 7.5 teeth and love to try them out on everything, though you're particularly fond of meat (in almost any form), frozen wild blueberries, steamed broccoli and bunny party mix. We are much more relaxed about what you eat than we were with Alden. You've already eaten french fries and pizza enough times to know them by name and you love the occasional yogurt drink.

If asked any question, your answer is almost always, "Yusss" with a solemn, emphatic nod of the head. When you hear music, you sway side to side and sometimes clap. You used to do this funny little slinky shoulder move, which we all thought was hilarious. Sorry if we embarrassed you by laughing so much. If you bring it back, we will try to contain ourselves. Please bring it back.

You seem to be in no hurry to walk, though we know you can do it/could do it if you wanted. You have taken up to six steps, unassisted, but you're such a fast crawler (and your knee-walking is coming along nicely) that I think you get fed up with the slow, wobbly pace. No rush, it's still pretty cold out, but I am looking forward to watching you toddle around the park in the spring.

Siri, we love you so much. Happy birthday, baby girl.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It Might Just Be the Coffee Speaking

It's fuzzy selfie Thursday!

Also, I have this business idea that is driving me CRAZY. It's like an itch. It came to me last night, right before I fell asleep and woke me up this morning. The idea has been tossed around in my mind a bit already, but last night I came up with a name for it and had visions of it and everything. UGH!

The frustrating part is that it might almost be possible, except...we're planning (without actually doing any planning yet) on moving this year. Moving away from NYC! Big changes in store for 2014, right? Well, nothing is certain yet. I am very excited about the idea of moving: more space, outdoor space, closer to family, slower pace, etc...the list goes on. This one idea though, would almost certainly fail outside of a big city like New York.

How irritating that I'm typing such vagueries at you first thing in the morning! I just can't keep these things entirely to myself. Well. If anyone out there has any interest in starting a child-centered business in the NYC area and would like to cede total creative control to me, please let me know. I have ideaz.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Hearts and hearts and hearts forever.
Even though being stuck inside with these two can drive me CRAZY, I love them more than I ever thought humanly possible. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all of your crazy-making lovies.

Without planning it, Ian and I gave each other the same gift: Mast Brothers chocolate bars. Only he did me one better and also gave me a beautiful new mug from the Mociun store. Handmade beauty, coffee and chocolate...he definitely knows the way to my heart. I guess after 14 years, he would. Fourteen years! Sometimes I feel like we've known one another forever, and other times it feels like we just met. Think that's the way it should be. I love that guy. Wish we could hang out more often.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cabin Fever

I'm not really complaining (maybe just a little), but we have been sick for almost the entire winter. It doesn't feel like an exaggeration to say that we have had maybe two weeks total (and non-consecutive, at that) of illness-free winter enjoyment this season. Somebunny is home from school yet again today and now I hear that we're expecting a winter storm tomorrow. Bring it! I need to be tested, just a little more, I think. I'm going to be one strong, calm, healthy woman come summer. Need a barn raised? Pigs wrangled? Marathon run? I'm your lady. My fall fantasies of wintery walks and icy outings are pouting, pink cheeked and bored silly. Time to focus on spring!

See that little pre-boot-nudge action up there? That's Cabin Fever. Our doctor couldn't diagnose it, but I just did. And now I'm off to paint a picture of the sun, and then bow before it. Sending you warm hugs and vitamin D.
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